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The days when companies needed to send their annual accounts and confirmation statements to Companies House by post are over. The Companies House “WebFiling” service now enables UK companies to meet their statutory filings digitally. In this article we will first clarify the purpose of the Companies House WebFiling service. Next, we shall discuss who can use this service.

We will then outline the types of documents that you can file. After that, we will guide you on creating a Companies House WebFiling login. Finally, we will explain how to use the service effectively.

What is the Companies House WebFiling Service?

The WebFiling service is an online portal which allows companies to submit their statutory documents to Companies House easily. The platform aims for user-friendliness and simplifies the filing process significantly. 

Which documents can be filed through WebFiling?

The WebFiling service enables the submission (filing) of the following statutory documents and information to Companies House:

  • Annual accounts, micro entity and dormant company accounts (not for CICs or LLPs).
  • Confirmation statements.
  • Changes to company director, secretary and other information.

The WebFiling service also enables users to receive e-mail reminders regarding when their company’s accounts and confirmation statements are due.

Who can use the Companies House WebFiling Service?

Companies with a numerical company number can use the WebFiling service. After you log into the system using your Companies House login, you will discover something else. Companies with company numbers that start with the prefixes NI, RO, or SC can also use the service. Limited liability partnerships with a company number starting OC, SO, or NC can also use WebFiling.

When the Companies House WebFiling Service cannot be used

Unfortunately, WebFiling cannot be used in all circumstances. Community Interest Companies (CIC) and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) cannot use the WebFiling service to file their annual accounts.

In addition, the WebFiling service cannot be used by companies or limited liability partnerships that:

  • Are dissolved, converted or closed.
  • Have 1,000 or more individual or joint shareholders
  • Are required to submit lists or subsidiary and associated undertakings
  • Have multiple paid or unpaid capital details within the same class of share
  • Have paid or unpaid capital details of a different currency from the class of share
  • Have more than an aggregate nominal share value of up to 12 whole numbers and 3 decimal places
  • Have more than a paid or unpaid share value of up to 9 whole numbers and 6 decimal places
  • Need to transfer more than 30 individual share transfers per class within a single WebFiling session
  • Have more than 6 classes of share currency (also applies to SH01)
  • Have more than 10 joint shareholders per shareholding, and
  • Need to enter more than 255 changes within a single WebFiling session.

What are the benefits of using the WebFiling service?

There are many benefits to using the WebFiling service rather than the traditional paper and post methods, specifically:

  • Security (uses 2-factor authentication)
  • Ease of use
  • You can digitally authorise people to file on your behalf (and remove authorisation if necessary)
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (unless undergoing essential maintenance)
  • Saves postage and stationary costs
  • Reduces the potential for errors, mistakes and rejections – the online WebFiling form automatically validates the information entered
  • Saves time by providing pre-populated information already held by Companies House
  • Reduced chance of forgery – instead of handwritten signatures, the service uses secure authentication codes and PROOF (Protected Online Filing) 
  • Fast processing – you will usually receive e-mail receipts within three hours of submission. In most cases you will also receive confirmation of acceptance within two working days.

Register for Companies House WebFiling Login

Before you can submit documents through WebFiling, you must create a Companies House login.

To create a Companies House login you must:

  1. Click “Create a new account” on the “Sign in to WebFiling screen”.
  2. Enter your e-mail address. You can also enter your name and mobile number (these are optional). Click “Continue”.
  3. Go to your e-mail account and click the link in the verification e-mail from Companies House.
  4. Create a hard-to-guess password of 8 – 64 characters (remember that you can reset the password in the future should you forget it). 

You can now use your Companies House login.

WebFiling authorisation code

Even though you can log into the WebFiling service, this does not necessarily mean you can file documents for your company yet. If you have not received authorisation to file on behalf of your company then you must request an authorisation code.

Authentication codes are 6-digit codes issued to each company by Companies House. An Authentication Code provides authorisation to file information on behalf of a company and is the equivalent of a company officer’s signature. Without this code information about your company cannot be filed through WebFiling.

After you have requested it through the WebFiling service your authentication code should arrive by post at your registered company address. This usually happens within five working days. If necessary, you can ask that the authentication code be sent instead to your home address. It is important to keep your authorisation code secure.

As Companies House states, “You should treat your company’s authentication code with the same care as your bank card PIN. Anyone who knows your code can change your company’s details online”. For this reason, never give your authorisation code to anyone over the phone. You can ask for a new authentication code at any time, if necessary. This is useful if you are concerned that your code has been stolen or may be misused.

How to use the Companies House WebFiling service

After successfully registering and logging in using your Companies House login, you will gain access to your company on the WebFiling service. You will then see an overview of your filing information. At the top you will see your company’s name, type, date of incorporation and registered address. Below this you have the option to request e-mail reminders, use or leave PROOF, request your current company information by e-mail and manage your company registration details. PROOF is a free service provided by Companies House which will protect your company from unauthorised or fraudulent changes.

From this screen you can now file your confirmation statement and annual accounts, make changes and view your filing history.

Filing your confirmation statement

On the main WebFiling home screen you will see a section for confirmation statement filing. This will tell you whether your confirmation statement is up to date. If it is then you will see a green tick and the words “confirmation statement up to date”. The due dates for your confirmation statement will also be provided. It is here that you will see a button to “file confirmation statement”. This will then guide you through the process of filing your confirmation statement securely online. 

Before submitting your confirmation statement it is important to check that all information held on record by Companies House is 100% correct. This includes details of your registered office address, officers, registers, PSCs, business description / SIC, share capital and shareholders. There is a drop-down box for each of these. Should you need to amend any details held on record then you must first complete the relevant form. Make the necessary changes before you proceed with filing your confirmation statement. 

When you are ready to file your confirmation statement using your Companies House login, you will need to pay the required fee. The fee for filing a confirmation statement is £13. If successful, you will see a screen confirming submission and payment. You will also receive confirmation via e-mail. You can also view your filing history in the “my recent filings” section, located on the left-hand side. 

Filing your annual accounts

On the main WebFiling home screen you will find a section for annual account filing. This will tell you whether your annual accounts are up to date. As with the confirmation statement, you should see a green tick and the words “accounts up to date”, the applicable due dates, and a button to “file company accounts”. Once you click this button you will see a screen outlining the criteria that you must meet before you can file your accounts. This includes the balance sheet date and the balance sheet total, net turnover and average number of employees (e.g. for micro-entity accounts). 

On the next screen the system will prompt you to enter your balance sheet details. These include the value of your fixed assets, current assets, capital and reserves as well as your employee count. You will also need to sign and date the filing. The next screen will show you a summary of the details entered: It is now important to check that the information entered is correct and make any changes that are necessary. Once you are happy with the information provided, click “submit accounts”.

Changes to PSCs, Directors and Secretaries

Further down the main WebFiling home screen, you will see a list of persons with significant control (PSC) and directors and secretaries. You can make changes to existing information or remove or add the details of new individuals. 


Knowing when and how to use the Companies House WebFiling service makes submitting your annual accounts, confirmation statement and key changes quick and easy. By logging in with your Companies House login, you can take advantage of the other features of the service, such as e-mail reminders. To access these features, visit

By doing so you can ensure that you always meet your company filing deadlines. This provides peace of mind that you are adhering to your legal obligations as a company director or secretary. It also means that you can spend more of your valuable time focusing on the running and success of your business.

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