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Are you ready to start your business in the UK but need that perfect name? You are in the right place! Here at Uniwide Formations we know that a great company name is key to a successful business. This is why we have used artificial intelligence to build our easy-to-use Business Name Generator.

Spark New Ideas with our AI Company Name Generator

We think that every successful business starts with a great name. That is why our AI-powered name generator is just what you need, whether you are about to start your business journey or are thinking about giving an existing company a new name. Just enter keywords that are linked to your business and let our AI do the rest!

Generate Your Perfect Business Name

Please note that our Business Name Generator is intended for brainstorming and inspiration purposes only. It does not guarantee the legal availability or compliance of the names that are generated.

Create a Strong First Impression with AI

Our clever AI works out what makes a brilliant company name. It gives you unique, interesting and memorable business name ideas that can help your business to stand out from the crowd. It ensures that your name matches what your brand is all about.

Power Up Your Brand with AI Technology

A name is not just a label: It is the heart of your brand. It sums up what your company is all about, makes a positive impression and helps people to remember you. Our Business Name Generator uses smart AI tech to help you find a name like this without any fuss.

Checking Your Business Name’s Availability

Once you have used our AI tool to generate a potential name it is crucial to check its availability. Keep an eye out for the banner below, which will lead you to our Company Name Checker. This will help you confirm that your chosen name is not already registered with Companies House.

Company Name Check

Check Company Name Available

Use our free company name checker to make sure that your company name is available. Our search tool is directly integrated with the Companies House database.

It is essential also that you ensure the availability of your preferred domain name. Simply click the button below and you will be redirected to our domain name partner for this verification.

Verify Domain Name Availability

Check Your Domain Name Now

Establish your online identity by securing the perfect domain name for your business today!

Legal Aspects of Choosing Your Company Name in the UK

Choosing a name for your business is not just about creativity and market appeal. It is also about ensuring compliance with the legal requirements set out by Companies House in the UK. A legally compliant company name is an important step towards a smooth and trouble-free business launch.

Here are a few key points to remember:

  1. Uniqueness: Your business name must be distinct and should not closely resemble any existing company’s name or trademark.
  2. Sensitive Words and Expressions: Certain words require official approval before they can be included in your business name. Examples include words that suggest a connection with the government or a specific profession.
  3. Offensive Language: The name of your company should not contain any words that could be considered offensive or imply criminal activity.

For a comprehensive understanding of the legal aspects of naming your company in the UK, we recommend reading our detailed articles on “How to Register a Company Name” and “What Name Can I Use for My Company?“. These guides will provide you with the necessary knowledge to make an informed decision when selecting your business name.

For additional guidance on naming a company, please refer to the Companies House website.

Why Use Our AI Business Name Generator?

The right business name can make you stand out from the crowd, build a connection with your customers and pave the way to success. Our AI name generator takes into account things such as relevance to your industry, appeal to customers and how easy it is to say and remember, thereby giving you ideas for names that tick all of the boxes.

Join the many business owners who have found their ideal company names with our AI-powered generator. Dive into a world of endless name ideas and let us make your business journey one to remember. Your perfect business name is just a click away!

Give Uniwide Formations’ Business Name Generator a try today and start building a brand that will stand the test of time!

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