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This is NOT a company registration number! We need the Authentication Code to file your Company Name Change with Companies House on your behalf.
You can use our name search tool to check whether the company name that you would like is available.

Special Resolution

A special resolution to change a company name must be passed by the shareholders to secure their approval. It can be passed in one of two ways, either at a general meeting or by a written resolution.

We suggest using a written resolution because, for most private companies, it is an easier alternative to calling a general meeting. At least 75% of the eligible members of the company must agree to the special resolution to change the company’s registered name before it can be passed. The written resolution can be circulated to the shareholders electronically.

When your order is completed we will provide you with a resolution template.

The date of the resolution to change the company name will be assumed to be the date when the order was placed, unless otherwise stated.
This may be a Director / Chairman / Secretary of a Company.


Price: £94.80
Includes unit price of £79 + 20% VAT

A name change will be registered before the end of the current business day. We must receive your application before 1.30 pm.

Includes unit price of £99 + 20% VAT.

Once the new Name has been accepted we will e-mail you a Certificate of Incorporation on Change of Name free of charge.

If you require a printed copy of the Certificate, it will be dispatched to you by post within 1 working day within the UK.

Includes unit price of £9 + 20% VAT.

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