J30 Stock Transfer Form

To transfer shares in a private limited company between new and existing shareholders, you must complete a Stock Transfer Form. This contains details of both the buyer and the seller of the shares, the type and number of shares being transferred and the amount that the buyer is paying. 

To complete the stock transfer form the following information is required:

  • Consideration money (i.e. how much is being paid for the shares)
  • Name of Security (e.g. 100 Ordinary Shares in XYZ Limited)
  • Description of Security
  • Number of shares transferred
  • Name and address of transferor
  • Name and address of transferee
  • Authorising signature from each party
  • Declaration of Stamp Duty Liability

You may obtain a stock transfer form using the link:
Stock Transfer Form J30 (fillable) – PDF

This template J30 stock transfer form can be used to transfer fully paid shares, which is the most common kind of transfer. If you are transferring unpaid or partly paid shares, however, then you must instead use Form J10.

Any transfer of shares should be recorded in the company register and declared on the next confirmation statement (formerly known as the “annual return”).

Stamp duty for a share transfer

Please note that every stock or share transfer is normally liable for stamp duty unless it is for £1,000 or less

The stamp duty liability at the time of writing is 0.5% of the consideration or nominal share value, which will be rounded up to the nearest £5. Payments are made directly to the HMRC Stamp Office.

Please visit the official Gov.uk website to learn other useful information about how to complete a stock transfer form.

Everything You Need To Know About Issuing New Shares And Share Transfers

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