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Value-added Tax (VAT). Most companies register for VAT voluntarily, but your company must register for VAT with HMRC if its turnover exceeds the VAT registration threshold of £90,000 or is expected to exceed this figure in the next 30 days.
PAYE (“Pay As You Earn”). Every limited company must register with HMRC to set up its payroll, which deducts income tax and national insurance contributions from the salaries paid to all staff employed by the company. You must register your company for PAYE before your employees’ first payday, and it can take up to 2 weeks to get your PAYE reference number as an employer. On the other hand, you may not register for more than two months before you begin to pay staff.
Please complete this form and our VAT and PAYE registration partner will contact you shortly. They will request further information about your business and then submit your application to HMRC.
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A UTR number consists of 10 digits, e.g. 0123456789, and is used to identify a company for tax purposes.

It is normally issued within 14 days of company formation and sent to your company's registered office address.

Prices include 20% VAT.
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