What is a Company UTR Number?

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UTR stands for “Unique Taxpayer Reference”, which is assigned by HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) to a company, a partnership, an organisation or an individual who registers for Self Assessment. A UTR number consists of 10 digits, e.g. 0123456789, and is used to identify a company for the purposes of Corporation Tax.

Please note that a personal UTR is completely different and separate from the Unique Taxpayer Reference number issued to a company, so you cannot use your own personal UTR for yourself as an individual as the UTR for your company.

How can I obtain a UTR Number for my Company?

When you form a limited company HMRC will be notified of this by Companies House, so there is no need for you to contact HMRC about this.

Within 14 days of company formation HMRC will issue a unique tax reference (UTR) for your new company and send a letter to your registered office address. This letter will contain your company’s unique tax reference number and important guidance on your tax responsibilities.

Do UK companies have a TIN number?

The term “TIN (Tax Identification Number) number” is seldom used in the United Kingdom. All companies that are registered in the UK are automatically assigned a Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR). This type of TIN is a unique 10 digit number that is used for purposes of Corporation Tax.

A company’s UTR number is different and separate from its company registration number (CRN), with which it should not be confused. A CRN is used to identify each company and verify its legal existence. It is issued by Companies House as soon as a company has been registered and is displayed on the Certificate of Incorporation and on the public register of companies.

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