Registered office address in Kensington

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All UK companies are required by law to have a Registered Office Address, which is the official address for all correspondence from government agencies such as Companies House and HMRC. This address must be within the United Kingdom.

The registered office address can be either commercial premises or a residential address, but it must be a physical location where correspondence can be delivered. It cannot be a PO Box or similar postal service.

A registered office is not just a mailing address. It is the legal address of a company and therefore needs to be displayed on all company stationery, such as letterheads and business cards. It must also be displayed on the company website.

Can I use my home address as a Registered Office Address?

The law allows the use of a director’s or member’s home address as the Registered Office Address of the company or partnership as long as it is within the UK.  A private residential address can therefore be used both as the legally registered office address of the company and as an address through which paper correspondence is received.

This means, however, that your home address will be shown on the public register at Companies House and will be freely and openly accessible to any third party.  For this reason using one’s residential address is not an appropriate option for business owners or managers who need greater privacy or confidentiality.

In such cases it is therefore common practice to use a separate address as the company’s registered address.  This may be provided to a business by a third party, e.g. a company formation agency, in order to ensure that the business owners’ and/or managers’ home addresses are not publicly accessible.

You may choose as a Registered Office Address either:

How do I change my Registered Office Address?

If you need to change your registered office address, you must notify Companies House within 14 days of the change taking place. You can do this by filing a notice of change of registered office (form CH2) with Companies House or via our Online Customer Portal.

There is no fee for changing your registered office address.

A Further Advantage

A further advantage that you may wish to consider is that the address which your company formation agents can provide, for any or all of the purposes outlined above, may be far more prestigious than your company’s actual address, helping to project your corporate image at a higher level.  A company address in Kensington, for example, is very highly desirable for this reason, which is why we are pleased that we can offer you this – in addition to all of our other services and advantages.

If you would like to learn more about registered office addresses, or if you would like to take advantage of our company formation services, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team would be more than happy to assist you further.

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