Return of Allotment of Shares - SH01 form

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A “Return of Allotment of Shares” is a statement that must be submitted to the Registrar at Companies House when new shares are added to a company. It contains the number, classes and some other details about the shares allotted.

A Return of Allotment (also known as the SH01 form) must be completed if you decide to allot, i.e. issue, new shares in the company after it has been registered. This form must be signed by a director or secretary and filed with Companies House within 30 days of the allotment.

For example, a company formed with 1 share can increase the number of shares in the company and complete a Return of Allotment of Shares. 

There is no need to provide the names of new shareholders on the SH01 form: This information should be included, however, when you file the company’s next Confirmation Statement (formerly known as an “annual return”). It is considered best practice to file a confirmation statement as soon as you can after an allotment of shares.

Those who are to receive these new shares will not be named on the public register until the confirmation statement has been filed with Companies House. For this reason we recommend filing a confirmation statement as soon as you can after an allotment of shares.

Who has the power to authorise share allotments?

Usually, directors have the authority to allot new shares if the company has only one share class (e.g. ordinary shares) unless this power is expressly prohibited under the articles of association. To allot new shares in a company with more than one share class, directors must be authorised by a provision in the articles or by a special resolution of the members.

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