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Apart from a company or partnership’s Registered Office Address its officers, members and PSCs must provide Companies House also with their correspondence address, which is also known as a Service Address.  Such a Service Address may be the same as the Registered Office Address or it may be a different address.  If the Service Address is different then it may be outside the UK.

The service address must be provided when incorporating a company, and it can be changed afterwards. The service address can be your office or residential address, but it cannot be a PO Box number.

A service address is an important part of a company’s or LLP’s public record, as it is the place where formal notices and other documents can be sent. This means that service addresses must be kept up to date, as any documents sent to an outdated service address may not be considered validly served.

Like a Registered Office Address, a Service Address will always appear on the public register at Companies House.  If you want to protect the home addresses of your officers, members and PSCs then you must purchase a Service Address from a company formation agent. 

In this case the Service Address for the company’s officers, members and PSCs will coincide with the Registered Office Address of the company or partnership. You will then receive all governmental paper correspondence, whether addressed to the legal entity itself or to its managers or owners, in one place.

At Uniwide Formations, we offer a Service address service with our Registered Office Address service for a competitive annual fee. These services include the provision of a unique physical address, which will appear on the public register at Companies House in place of your home addresses. We also forward all official correspondence to your chosen e-mail address within 24 hours, meaning you can stay on top of your company’s mail without having to provide a personal address.

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